Scrub + Cleanse Wipes

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I am in your briefcase, gym bag or glove box and I can solve most of your daily issues. I am that kind of product. No time for a shower? A little sweaty after a big meeting or just want to scrub the dirt off your face after a hard day? Look no further.
The wipe exfoliates, using revolutionary micro beads, and the good stuff, Homeo Soothe, chamomile and aloe vera to protect and soothe the skin. Gentle enough to use everyday.
This product is great on it’s own when you are out and about or in conjunction with your normal skincare routine. It is a great add on, saves time and will always leave you feeling clean and refreshed. We here at Milk like to slap on a bit of Face Moisturiser + Sunscreen post wipe, it protects against any harmful rays and keep your skin feeling smooth.