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"Hi, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this amazing product! I have really sensitive skin and no matter what type of moisturiser I use, it doesn't agree with my skin. My skin either goes very red or blotchy! I consistently try expensive brands through to home brands and the results are the same. This is the first one I've ever been able to use on a daily basis where my skin loves the feeling and no redness!" - Michael. (great name right?!)

 "I have been using your Body Oil for 3-4 weeks now. I have a 7 month old son who during my pregnancy left me with 4 large dark stretch marks on my belly which I have not been able to get rid of since he was born. I had tried all sorts of oils and creams, all with very little change. After using the oil twice a day my stretch marks have significantly faded (finally) and the oil feels amazing to put on and wear." Bec

"I would like to say that your products are seriously amazing. I never really take the time to give feedback but I absolutely love your ultra light moisturiser, face cleanser and body oil. They make my skin feel fresh and hydrated. The oil is the best body oil I have used and it heals scarring wonderfully. I am definitely spreading the word and cannot wait to try the rest of the Her range. Thank you for making amazing natural products!" - Tanya, NSW


"I've used both the Face Moisturiser & Sunscreen and Face Wash & Scrub for the past 12 months and found both products to be excellent. The moisturiser goes on very smooth and doesn't leave your face oily. The face wash gives me a decent scrub without stripping the skin off too! Mark, SA Thanks for the products I will make great use of them. I have found the Face Wash & Scrub has really cleared up the acne on my face, so thanks!" - Cameron, VIC


"I am writing this email to thank you very much for creating such a great range of skincare products. I have very sensitive skin and a lot of products make my skin look red, uneven and give me zits! I'm only 24 and before I started using Milk Moisturiser & sunscreen, I could really see all the time I've spent in the sun taking it's toll on face. Now my skin looks dewy, feels really soft and there are no more problem areas. I know this product is for men but I'm in love with it." - Kate

"Hi all A few months ago I was walking past my local pharmacy and I noticed some of your body wash on special at half price. Thinking I had stumbled upon a bargain I bought the two bottles that were left. It was one of the best things I ever did. Actually, I am even going to go as far as saying it is the best body wash that I have ever used, and I have tried a lot…….getting praise from me is kind of a big thing!! I am an active mum of three who has always suffered from dry skin. Surfing, taking our youngest to swimming lessons & training in karate all contribute, constant friction, chlorine, salt etc.... I was amazed after trying the body wash. My skin was soft, never dry, I didn’t even have to use moisturiser on my body (who has time for that!). It smells great and you only need to use a little bit so it lasts for absolutely ages making it great value for money. The kids love it as well. When I was getting low on the product I tried to get more locally but the pharmacy I initially purchased it from no longer stocks it. Last week after running out I bought another brand of body wash and within a couple of days my skin was back to being its dry old self, so I bought another brand, same thing. Today I was pleased to see that I can purchase your products online and have ordered 3 bottles of body wash plus a moisturiser. I realised after checking out your website your products are aimed more at the male population but you now have a female fan in me! Maybe you have a bit of market out there for time poor mums! Whatever you are doing keep doing it!" - Jennifer, NSW

"I just wanted to pass on my "positive" feedback on your Dry Touch Sunscreen SPF 30 . I have been using this for about a month now and I totally love it,. I am a 36 yr old female and find its fantastic to use under my make up! Using a good sunscreen is really important to me and I have tried many other products in the past and this is the best one have found so far. It really sinks into my skin and dries well, therefore it allows my make up to stay applied to my face and leaves it with a fresh look and feel all day. It would be great to see a ladies range in your products! In the mean time I am telling all my friends about this one! Well done!" - Karen, NSW

"I purchased the Milk by Michael Klim Dry Touch SPF 30 Sunscreen to use whilst in South Africa for three weeks. I noticed it also had the tea tree qualities for insect repellent and I have to say I am so impressed with this product. I spent three weeks on a camping experience and I didn’t get sun burnt once nor did I have problems with insects even while on the Okavango Delta. I am truly impressed with this product and will buy it again to use for my family." - Kim, NSW

"I would like to give you some positive feedback, since using your products my skin feels great and my face isn’t breaking out in pimples anymore. I have been using your products for months now and i am telling all my mates about them, I’ve got at least two of them using Milk body wash! My favourite product is the face wash; it’s the best product i have ever used! Thanks for the great products!" - Andrew

"Just wanted to say Thank You for a great product. I also swim a little and I've been looking for, quite some time, a product that will help my skin and ALL of your products have helped me. Keep up the good work!" - Anthony

"Just wanted to let you know how much i love your products. I use the Face Wash Scrub religiously and my skin has inproved so much and the Scrub Ceanse wipes are amazing when you travel. The Body Wash is AWESOME. I tell all my mates about it and always buy it for people as presents. I even got my boyfriend using all of the products too. I just wanted to say keep up the good work and i think this range is truely the best mens skin care range on the market." - Gary

"Hi, I'd just like to say how glad I am that I found your products. For years I've tried to find just the right thing for me, and I love the fact that thanks to the brilliance of the Milk range my search is over! Keep up the fantastic work!" - Ryan

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